Lebanon Relief Fund

A large explosion occurred on the Port of Beirut, due to an excessive amount of explosive material being unsafely stored in a warehouse, injuring thousands and killing hundreds. The massive blast has been compared to the historic explosions of Nagasaki and Hiroshima in Japan. The Lebanese people have suffered through constant hardship, and they need our help.

You can read more about the catastrophe here: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-53688975

We are organizing a fundraiser to aid the people of Lebanon through a very difficult period. All proceeds will be donated to the Lebanese Red Cross, the country's medical aid organization. A voluntary donation option will be available at the checkout page, we encourage you to support the cause if you're able to, a small amount can go a long way. PyroDrone will match 100% of donations made towards this cause.

How to donate? 

Option 1: You can donate during the checkout up to 100% of your cart's value.

Option 2: You can add the below product to your cart in the amount and increments you like

Below is the facebook post from Serge Marachilian owner and CEO of Pyrodrone.

Unlike any other post in this page this one is being written with a heavy heart. As most of you already heard about the blast that shook Beirut Lebanon caused a total devastation,killed hundreds , injured thousands and left another thousands without a roof over their head. We know the world is a crazy place these days but being born and raised on those streets you see on the news today, the beautiful country of Lebanon that used to be called Switzerland of the Middle East this one hits home for me. I have immediate friends and family got effected by this tragedy but this is not just about my circle this is about humanity and all of the people in Lebanon, their government is the most corrupt one in the world and the people needs every little bit of help they can get today. So i decided adding a donation option on our checkout page which is totally voluntary, you can donate as little as 1$ and thanks to the amount of the orders we do we can raise a substantial amount to hopefully make a small change. The donation page will stay up till the end of August 2020.To do our part and show appreciation to your generosity Pyrodrone will be donating 5K USD to the cause and match every dollar of your donation if past 5K USD. Raised donations will be transferred directly to the account of Lebanese Red Cross and proof of receipt will be posted on this Lebanon Relief Fund page. https://pyrodrone.com/pages/lebanon-relief-fund We appreciate your support and the people of Lebanon thanks you in advance 💙


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