Walksnail Avatar HD VTX Module V2 (VTX ONLY) for Walksnail Avatar/Fatshark Dominator HD FPV System - Choose Memory Size

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The Walksnail Avatar HD VTX Module V2 provides superior performance with a range of features, including 25*25mm and 20*20mm mounting holes, optimized antenna installation, frequency binding button, spare power pad and up to 8 or 32GB built-in storage for 1080P or 720P HD fly videos. Increased TVS protection and support for up to 6S ensures reliable power and stable video output.

Please Note, this is a VTX only: DOES NOT include antenna, coaxial cable, or camera.

Updates compared to V1:

  • Except the original 25*25mm mounting holes, now added 20*20mm holes for greater compatibility with a wider range of FPV drone models.
  • Updated the design of PCB board and shell, improved the quality of VTX, more durable.
  • Optimized the installation place of the antenna, it's better to protect the VTX.
  • The position of the frequency binding button has been changed, to make the frequency binding operation more convenient.
  • The kit includes a spare power pad, providing an extra opportunity for welding.

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  • The Avatar VTX comes with 8g/32g built-in storage it can record 1080P or 720P HD fly videos without interference. 32G built-in storage, recording video time increased by 4 times.

  • New VTX with enhanced TVS protection and support for up to 6S. With a wide input voltage the range of 6V to25.2V, our VTX delivers unmatched stability and resistance to GPS interference. Enjoy unparalleled performance and take your FPV adventures to new heights with our cutting-edge technology.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Walksnail Avatar HD VTX Module V2 (VTX ONLY) for Walksnail Avatar/Fatshark Dominator HD FPV System - Chosen Memory Size

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