Quad Standard Labs Gunduy Gimbal Controller (Cinelifter)

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Control any compatible gimbal at extreme ranges with this Gimbal controller from Cubed Labs. With built in ELRS and provisions for a Nano module, you can use whichever RC protocol you prefer to control your RS2/3, Movi or Ronin 2. 

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As we started integrating smaller and lighter gimbal payloads into cinelifters and heavy lift FPV platforms like our heavy lift FPV platform ‘Wadjil’, we quickly realized that there wasn’t a really good solution out there for gimbal control from the ground. Our operators were having a hard time using regular RC controllers to smoothly track subjects, and our camera packages began to get more complex, requiring on board FIZ, often requiring an additional operator.

To meet our own needs, we designed a new gimbal controller, integrating the brains of an existing RC radio, into a more ergonomic and suitable package for camera operators.

All of Cubed Lab’s drones and accessories are named after Australian native birds. Gunduy is the first nations name for the Australian Cassowary, a flightless bird native to Queensland Rainforests


  • Edge TX firmware for unlimited customisation
  • Pan, tilt, focus and zoom controls for even the most complex camera setups
  • Auxilary controls for changing sensitivity settings, iris control, gimbal locking or switching between control layouts
  • ¼-20 mounting holes for monitors and video receivers
  • Tripod mount to keep your hands free on-set
  • Control Tilta Nucleus motors with compatible receivers (coming soon)
  • Hand finished Tasmanian Blackwood accents
  • 3D Printed Carbon Fibre reinforced enclosure


    • Sony NP-F Battery compatible
    • Focus wheel
    • 3 Axis PTZ joystick
    • 2 x auxiliary potentiometers
    • 1 x 2 position switch
    • 2 x 3 position switches
    • Record / Stop Button
    • 1000mw Internal ELRS module
    • Nano Module bay

    Coming Soon:

    • RS2/3 Receiver module
      • Focus / Zoom control
      • Remote Stiffness settings
      • Lock / Unlock (RS3)
      • Remote Autotune
      • Lens Calibration
    • Universal Receiver Module
      • Control any SBUS Gimbal (Ronin 2, MOVI Pro, MOVI etc)
      • Support for up to 3 Tilta Nucleus Lens Motors

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Quad Standard Labs Gunduy Gimbal Remote Controller