NewBeeDrone Infinity AIO V2 Pro F7 BLHeli32 55A AIO Flight Controller - 30x30mm

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NewBeeDrone Infinity AIO V2 Pro is Upgraded from AIO V2. Now it comes with Dual BMI270 Gyro. Better performance on handling noise and better reliability.

Any requests from the V1, we have them on the V2.

Our first-generation board was fully covered in heatsink and the components were sealed completely to provide better reliability and durability. Improving upon that, our V2 version is even better on weatherproofing and packed in all the requested features such as OSD Chips and more Uart ports.

The AIO is truly the next level solution for flight controllers and ESCs. Based on our data from the Infinity AIO V1, not only was the AIO solution more compact but there were also less issues compared to stacks.

We have invested immense amount of R&D time to optimize the hardware between high current and signal processing layout to make the board extremely compact and with no interference. Additionally, by sealing every component inside the aluminum heatsink which acts like a shield to protect from dusts and other conditions, we maximize the physical toughness of the AIO stack.

Infinity AIO V2 Pro features dual-gyro for better flight handling.
Dual-Gyros allows device redundancy and also measurement redundancy. Having two gyros mounted to each other, the flight controller is able to cancel out effects of a noisy axis on one of the IMU’s to better handle strong winds and gusts, allowing smoover flight capabilities for filming aerial views.

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    • MCU: STM32F745VEH6
    • Gyro: 2xBMI270
    • Blackbox: 16MB
    • 6-Pin DJI FPV Air Unit Connector
    • Micro USB Connector
    • UART1 - SBUS on DJI Connector (RX only)
    • UART2 - DJI Connector
    • UART3 - Free
    • UART7 - Free
    • UART8 - Free
    • 4x SMT32G071 BLHELI32 ESC MCU
    • Continuedly Current 55A and 65A Burst ESC
    • 3-6S Battery Input
    • 12V 3A 30W Design for DJI FPV Air Unit
    • 5x37mm with 30.5x30.5 Mounting Holes
    • Weight: 22gr. without grommets
    • Betaflight OSD support Analog build
    • I2C_SCL I2C_SDA Ready
    • Buzzer Ready
    • LED Ready
    • 5V 3A Power supply for external LED or GPS module


    • 1 x Infinity AIO V2 PRO Flight Controller + ESC
    • 1 x Infinity AIO V2 PRO to DJI Air Module Cable 100mm (Silicon wire)
    • 1 x Infinity AIO V2 PRO to DJI Air Module V2 Cable 100mm (Silicon wire)
    • 2 x Infinity AIO V2 PRO8 16Pin Cable 150mm (Teflon wire)
    • 13 x Nylon Lock Nut
    • 5 x Steel Screw M3x14
    • 4 x Grommets Short 4x Grommets Long
    • 1 x 470uf 35v Electrolytic Capacitor
    • 1 x XT60 Cable

     Wiring Diagram