ETHIX Madmushroom V2 5.8GHz Antenna By VAS

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Introducing the Ethix & VAS collaboration purpose built Omni directional 5.8GHz antenna. This purpose Mad Mushroom V2 provides what I would consider to be the best FPV reception available today .

Keeping with our “Refining FPV” moto at Ethix, It only made sense to refine my go to Omni receiver antenna.

As a seasoned Freestyle pilot I often choose challenging arenas to fly.
These complex environments result in a more than challenging RF environments. With that being said I often demand the highest quality gear to conquer these difficult situations.
For someone who has been in this hobby for many years now I have always regarded VAS as a company that offers the best antennas and service money can buy.
It started out in 2014 with my first Mad Mushroom and after many years consistent technological upgrades and antenna design, I always seem to come back to the Mad Mushroom when RF gets sticky.
This antenna offers the performance of the tried and true VAS Mad Mushroom v2, but with a few subtle changes. One of which is now the antenna stem is 5.5” long allowing for maximum cranial clearance.
Your noggin is full of RF blocking material, So the higher the antenna sits off of your goggles the more clearance and better reception you will be able to receive.
This antenna also comes with a reinforced 90 degree SMA adaptor making the commonly broken goggle attachment method a thing of the past.
2X finger screws are also also included allowing you to optimally torque your SMA torquing antenna connections.
Enjoy the fruits of many years of trial and error. This antenna is the ultimate when I comes 5.8GHz omni directional performance.

 Polarization: Right Hand Circular (RHCP)

Package Includes:
1 x ETHIX Madmushroom V2 Antenna By VAS 
2 x Plastic finger Nuts