Astro X X5 Silky Version V2

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The New AstroX airframe. (Silky Coating)



Size Guide


AstroX5 = 210mm




Share platform - All parts can share with AstroX210(AXF210)

Full 3K AstroX Carbon Fiber with Silky coated airframe

2mm bottom and top plate and 4mm removable arms

1.5mm X-reinforce plate and 8pcs of insert nut make more durable and quick swapping of arms.

Black Nickel plating 12.9 grade carbon steel screws

Easy grip and light weight hollow stand-off (Hard anodized : Astro blue color)

Easy damper landing gear

AstroX V2 PDB include (5V for FC and RX(Camera), 12V for VTX and Camera, Aux Power(same as battery volts) our and ESC Signals)

New 2 holes Cam mount(Support for 26mm cams) with 5V buzzer hole (include 5V buzzer)

Easy Lipo Access (suggested Lipo is a 1300mah - 1600mah 4s)

Support to carry HD camera (such as the GoPro 4, Mobius, or GoPro Session)






Carbon parts


4x 4mm round cut finish Arms

1x 2mm top plate

1x 2mm Bottom Plate

2x 1.5mm Cam mount

1x 1.5mm VTX mount

1x 1.5mm RX carrier

1x 1.5mm X-reinforce plate





8x Astro blue Standoff

8x insert nut 8pcs

1x Set of black Nickel plating 12.9 grade carbon steel screws

1x Set of Nylon Standoff and nut.



PDB parts

1x AstroX V2 PDB

2x 4pin Signal pins

1x Black XT-60,

1x 14AWG power cable(red, black)

1x XT-60 mount plate.





1x 5V buzzer

2x AstroX lipo strap

1x AstroX logo sticker

1x 2mm Lipo Pad

* motor and camera is not include in package