APD F-Series 80F3[X]V2 8s 80a 34v Indivudual ESC

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The improved F_Series 80F3[X] ESCs. Building upon our trusted ARM 32-bit architecture, the V2 release features introduce a number of highly requested features into the product range, including configuration options, Bi-Directional DShot, and UART overvoltage protection. The 80F3[X]v2 ESCs are drop-in replaceable to 80F3[X] units. As before, existing features include PWM-frequency dithering and Active Phase-Current Demagnetisation, allowing for smooth control with virtually all powertrain combinations with peak power outputs of up to 4.7 kW.

NDAA/DFARS-compliant options available upon request.

New Feature Set (V2)

  • Configuration of drive parameters, signal types and fault handling
  • Bi-Directional DShot for RPM Filtering support
  • On board bootloader
  • Passthrough firmware updating and configuration
  • Additional Telemetry types: PWM Telemetry and RPM Output
  • High-speed telemetry rates when operating DShot and ProShot
  • Reversible operation support (full forwards to full reverse)
  • Dynamic signal quality checks across supported input protocols
  • Hardware protection for UART programming pins

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Feature Set:

  • Designed and manufactured in Australia using only the highest quality components, ensuring no sacrifice in reliability
  • Proprietary firmware designed in Australia
  • Plug and play firmware
  • Up to 8S (34 V) capable
  • Up to 80 A continuous* output current
  • 140 A Burst current
  • True 10-bit resolution
  • Virtually no setup time, with simple motor reverse solder tab
  • Auto-detect ProShot or DShot
  • ProShot1000 capable (1Mbs/s)
  • DShot150 to DShot600 capable (0.15-0.6Mbs/s)
  • Up to 750,000 eRPM (protocol dependant)
  • Motor agnostic
  • Auto PWM output frequency
  • Auto timing advance
  • Telemetry output
  • Automatic current limiting and over-temperature protection
  • LED indication
  • Digital commands over ProShot (including anti-turtle mode)
  • Digital commands over DShot
  • Bare-PCB design to allow maximum integration within the end setup
  • 8-Layer PCB to ensure minimal track resistance

* Continuous current ratings are at a 100% throttle duty cycle. Continuous rating is defined as max sustained current at 100% throttle for 60 seconds with 33 m/s airflow.

Documentation and Datasheets can be found at: docs.powerdrives.net

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x APD F-Series 80F3[X]v2 8s 80a 34v Indivudual ESC