Diatone Roma F5 Freestyle - 4S PNP

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Effortlessly become one with the wind with the Roma series, created using excellent craftsmanship and surpassing its freestyle predecessors. Fly the Roma frame to get maximum control over your FPV drone.

Complete armor designed by the ROMA series aircraft, Compared with 3D printed products, not only beautiful, but also have higher durability. While protecting aluminum parts, It also protects the bottom of the craft during landing.

The ROMA series models are designed with a full equipment tower protection armor, which can effectively block an object or liquid that may enter the electronic device surface and affect the life of the electronic device.

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 Roma5 4s PNP Multirotors:

  • Antenna: MAMBA Ultras
  • VTX:MAMBA TX400 400MW
  • FC: MAMBA F405 DJI
  • ESC: MAMBA F50
  • Motor: MAMBA TOKA 2207.5 2450KV
  • Weight:330g

Accessories Pack:

  • HQ Props S5 *1
  • Injection suit *1
  • Buzzer *1
  • Lipo Strap *2
  • Univeral Adjustable Gopro Mount *1
  • M2 Screws Pack*1
  • M3 Screws Pack*1
  • 20mm PC isolation Sheet *1
  • 30.5mm PC isolation Sheet *1



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