spiroNET LZR Long Range Goggle Mounting Kit

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The LZR Antenna Mounting kit is used in conjunction with two SN5G8RHLZR13 13dBi patches to provide the ultimate 5.8GHz long range antenna array. 

Finally the 'Analog Plus' processing performed by rapidFIRE can work at ranges of many kilometers, with a wide beam width. 

Pointing two identical antennas using rapidFIREs RSSI bars is trivial, but a new rapidFIRE feature (available in release v1.2.7) provides audible feedback to help with antenna aiming. When pointing at the model the feedback is silent. As the antenna array drifts to the left/right, rapidFIRE will provide a gentle guidance tone to allow simple head positioning without the need to constantly monitor the OSD.

To mount the array on a set of Dominator goggles (HDO highly recommended) a milled carbon-fiber fan mount is supplied, and can be left installed, letting the antenna array be installed using two tool-free thumb-screws. 


The kit includes the following parts: 
2x High quality (8GHz) Coaxial cables
1x Milled carbon fiber Dominator fan mount
2x Thumb Screws
4x Fan mount screws (extended)
4x Antenna screws
1x Stamped Aluminium antenna mount