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By now, you've probably seen it, heard about it, or ridden one: OneWheel is the most versatile electric skateboard (if you can call it that) on the market, providing unprecedented mobility in a small, compact, and easy to ride platform.

Whether it’s exploring your favorite trails to get that epic long-range footage, or zipping it from the pit area to the race line at your local event, the OneWheel lets you get to where you need to be quickly and effortlessly.

And unlike trying to learn that Matty Flip, it is much easier to do than it looks. You’ll be comfortably riding in just a few minutes, and within a couple days, will be living the ‘float life’- tearing up local single track, racing down sidewalks, and cruising your neighborhood with ease.


  • FEELS LIKE SNOWBOARDING - Riding a Onewheel is the closest thing you can get to the smooth floating flow of riding powder on a snowboard.
  • NO REMOTE REQUIRED - Lean forward to go, back to slow down, it is that easy. Your hands are free for the important coffee.
  • DON’T SWEAT THE BUMPS - Onewheel’s large air filled tire provides a plush ride over cracks and bumps for the smoothest ride in the game.
  • TAKE IT WITH YOU - Light enough to carry and compact enough to fit in office,bus, train or car.CRUISE ON ANY TERRAIN
  • Ride it on pavement, grass, dirt, gravel or even the beach. It will blow your mind.
  • BUILT LIKE A TANK- Onewheels are built to take a beating so don’t be afraid to send it!
  • CRUSH HILLS - Incredibly smooth power and torque to climb over anything and powerful regenerative braking on the way down.
  • CUSTOMIZE THE WAY YOUR BOARD RIDES - Smoother? More aggressive? Select different ride modes from your smartphone with DIGITAL SHAPING 2.0 in the Onewheel App.Twain Collection
  • Manufacturer: Future Motion


  • MOTOR: 750W Hypercore® hub motor
  • BATTERY: Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (NMC)
  • SENSORS: Solid State MEMS 6-DOF
  • TIRE: 11.5in x 6.5in-6in Vega
  • MAX LEAN ANGLE: >30 degrees
  • TOP SPEED: 19mph / 30kph
  • TYPICAL RANGE: 12-18 mi / 19-29 km
  • WEIGHT: 27 Lbs / 12 Kg
  • RECHARGE TIME: 100 mins*
  • DIGITAL 2.0 SHAPINGS: Sequoia / Cruz / Elevated / Mission / Delirium


  • Onewheel+ XR, Charger, instruction manual


  • 9in x 11.5in x 30in ( 23cm x 29.21cm x 72.6cm )

Warranty Information:

  • One year warranty from the date of purchase - Onewheel+ XR will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months. More information regarding our warranty can be found at



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