Knife Vertical Box 5" Race Frame

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This is the BATCH 2 
Includes TPU Cam mount and SMA mount.

Check out the below video to see what changes were made to the second batch.

And here is a video from Speed the designer of the frame on how to put it together in less tha 5 minutes.

This is the first Vertical Box Race frame available in the US. Please review the home page for details on where the inspiration came from. 
This type of frame retails for $89 US dollars in the EU so $65 US is a deal, just check the Carbix site or other vendors in the EU.!

This frame is the best flying frame I have ever flown it's truly on another level. It took us 4 iterations of 3 frame designs to get something that we were super pleased with.
The major focus of each iteration was to increase the durability..

Our tracks are very different that what you find in the EU, so durability was a top priority. It can be made WAY more durable by using 2.5mm or 3mm CF but that would add too much weight and impact handling.
We are able to achieve the same level durability as you would get from any traditional race frame that uses 5mm Arms.

The Knief supports 5.1" propellers, full-size, mini and micro cameras. Currently we have TPU FPV mounts in 45 - 60 degrees sold separately as well as TBS SMA AXII and Micro AXII mounts. 
We also have other items such as motor guards and turtle fins. For any race build it is recommended that you purchase a fin and  antenna mount.   

All Carbon Fiber is high quality Toray Twill 2x2 weave matte finish sourced from very reputable factory that is known for producing high quality frames. 

2x 2mm Front Arms
2x 2mm Rear Arms
2x 2mm Front/Rear Spars/Braces
2x 2mm Side Spars/Braces
1x 2mm Mid Plate
1x 2mm Bottom Plate
1x 2mm Top Plate
4x 25mm Standoffs
4x 12mm Standoffs
4x 8mm M3 Bolts
4x 25mm M3 Bolts

Weight: 79gr (CARBON ONLY)

3D Parts (Available on Thingyverse)

45,50,55 Degree Fixed mount, Generic FPV Mount, TBS Stubby Mount, Axii Micro Mount, Mid Plate Spacers, Turtle Fin

Not Included:
Axii Micro TPU mount
Stubby TPU Mount
TPU Fin (Turtle Mode) for top plate
16x 18mm M3 bolts or 20mm M3 bolts for mounting motors

Recommended Parts to complete the build:
Pyrodrone F4OSD Flight Controller
4in1 ESC
RunCam Racer
TBS Unify
Micro Axii or Stubby
16x 18mm M3 Bolts or 16x 20mm M3 Bolts to


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