ImmersionRC Ghost JR TX Module + 2 Atto Receivers Halloween Bundle

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This ImmersionRC Ghost JR TX Module Halloween Bundle is designed for both reliable control at extreme range, and extremely low latency with a best-in-class frame rate for the Race circuit. This spooky combination includes a Ghost JR TX Module and two Ghost Atto Receivers! Move so fast everyone will think they've seen a ghost!

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Ghost Modular Transmitters

The first Ghost Transmitter is a ‘JR’ style module, with an integrated OLED display and Joystick. Configure it seamlessly without the need to interact with Lua scripts.
Depending upon the region, up to 350mW of RF power may be emitted through two supplied short-dipole antennas. Antenna diversity is the default mode of operation, but a single antenna mode is a menu option away.
A simple menu system shows all critical parameters, including a spectrum analyzer, and a real-time display of system latency, from R/C Tx to Flight Controller.


VIDEO: ImmersionRC Ghost Complete Setup Guide


  • RF Profiles: Initially 4, Race, Pure Race, ‘Normal’, and Long Range, more to come
  • Binding: Bidirectional, with confirmation and protocol negotiation
  • Modulation: Chirp Spread Spectrum + Adaptive FHSS
  • Ghost JR TX Module + Atto Receivers
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz band
  • ORQA Goggle Integration
  • Tiny Receivers

Tiny Receivers

Size matters. The Ghost Átto receiver weighs in at about 0.6g and is only 14.8 x 11.5mm, a 15% smaller footprint than its closest competitor.

Most standard protocols are supported, including PWM, SBus, Fast SBus (200k), SRXL-2 (400k), and an inverted SBus (or rather an inverted-inverted SBus) to increase flexibility with F4 FCs.

Deja-Vu binding ensures that receivers already ‘known’ by a Ghost transmitter (through a previous bind operation) no longer require a button press to bind them. This also goes for new receivers, which will bind for the first time without the need for the button (all of this because we can’t stand tearing models open to find that buried bind button).

Orqa Goggle Integration

That space on the FPV.Connect board… yeah, that is for a Ghost receiver, the Átto.

Ghost transmitters and receivers can form a network, without the need to use Bluetooth or wifi, and communicate between themselves without sacrificing critical control performance.

Clear channel scan with automatic channel assignment, auto-start DVR recording when the throttle stick is raised, and a bunch of other cool features planned for 2020.

RC Ghost is PFQ (Pretty… Quick)

Choose from several modes of operation in your Ghost Transmitter. The slowest of the two Race modes runs at a 160Hz frame rate, while the fastest ‘Pure Race’ rate opens the throttle to a 222.22Hz frame rate.

OpenTx to Flight Controller latency is expected to run below 4ms.

2.4GHz And Long Range Capabilities

ImmersionRC is setting a new standard with its Ghost system serving both the needs of Long-Range pilots, Freestylers, and Racers.

Easily achieve ranges of 10s of km with equipment light enough, and antennas compact enough, to perfectly accompany your Nano Goblin™ into the neighboring country.

Since 2.4GHz antennas are relatively small, a directional antenna on the transmitter can easily double the expected range.

Note: All Ghost receivers currently have multiple binding methods. It is recommended to bind via SRXL2 on a standard UART, the Ghost Protocol will be available with the release of OpenTX3.4.




  • Format: Standard JR Module, tested with FrSky Taranis™, and RadioMaster™ radios
  • Frame Rate: 222.22Hz (purerace), 166Hz (race), 62Hz (normal), 15Hz (long range)
  • Antennas: Twin antenna, with Tx-side diversity. Antennas are 2.1dBi Dipoles
  • Compatibility: Any R/C Tx which accepts JR modules (Taranis, etc. )
  • Firmware: USB Upgradable (with OTA updates for receivers)
  • Power Supply: 6V-20V, 1.75W @ 400mW, ~250mA at 7.4V
  • Uplink RF Power: 16uW – 350mW (+/- 0.5dB)
  • Serial Formats: SBus, GHST (Auto-Sense)
  • Brand: ImmersionRC


  • VTX Control: Tramp control from ‘T’ pin on Rx, regardless of the selected serial format
  • Serial Formats: SBus, SBus-Fast (200k), SRXL-2 (400k), GHST, SBus Inverted
  • Rx Noise Floor Analysis: Auto on power-up, or on-demand from the Tx
  • Power Supply: 5V recommended, as low as 3.3V tolerated
  • Dimensions: 14.8mm x 11.5mm, 0.6g (w/o antenna)
  • Sensitivity: -117dBm in Long Range mode
  • Firmware: Over-the-air (OTA) upgradable
  • Downlink RF Power: +13dBm
  • Weight: 0.6g


  • 1x ImmersionRC Ghost JR Tx Module
  • 2x ImmersionRC Ghost Atto Receiver
  • 1x Manual