iFlight TITAN DC2 HD Whoop - BNF (Choose Receiver)

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iFlight is stepping up the Cinewhoop game with this awesome DJI integrated DC2 Model available in multiple receiver variants for you to choose from.
DC2 comes with all the top of the end gear from iFlight like the new F4-40A AIO board ,1404 Xing motors and the DJI Air Unit/Camera, all this under 250 grams INCLUDING the flight battery!

Recommended Battery:
GNB 450 4S HV 80C
GNB 520 4S HV 80C

Recommended Props:
HQ T65mm-3
EMAX Avan 2327-3



  • Less than 250grams included 4S 450mAh battery
  • No Props or frame in view!
  • Low Resonance frame construction (Less Jello, more Cinematic)
  • DJI FPV Air Unit 720p 120fps FPV feed (record in 1080p/60fps)
  • Butter smooth XING1404 4S
  • Duct prop guards to protect the sensitive environment or yourself
  • Pre-tuned with smooth freestyle settings


  • SucceX-A F4/40A BLHeliS true AIO board
  • Motor: XING NANO 1404 4600KV
  • Wheelbase: 122mm
  • Bottom plate thickness: 3mm
  • Top plate thickness: 2mm
  • Top and bottom plate spacing: 25mm (aluminum column height 25mm)
  • Propeller size: 2.3~2.5 inch
  • FC pattern: 20*20mm,30.5*30.5mm
  • FPV cam spacing: 19mm
  • Weight: 165g (without battery)

TITAN DC2 HD Quad BNF Included Components and Parts

  • Prebuilt and tested Quadcopter
  • 1x TITAN DC2 HD Frame
  • 1x DJI Digital HD FPV Air Unit (FPV Camera + Air Unit Module)
  • 1x TPU Bracket for DJI Air Unit Module
  • 1x TPU Antenna holder for DJI antenna
  • 2x TPU camera side plate soft mount
  • 2x 2327-3 / HQ 65mm-3 (Set of 4 - Color May Vary)
  • 1x iFlight Lipo Strap 

Additional Suggested Parts

  • DJI HD FPV Goggles
  • Radio Controller
  • DJI Remote Controller (Mode 2)
  • Battery light indoor 4S 450mAh

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