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New for 2018 is the HYPERLOW CG freestyle frame; a classic bus-style quad redesigned and refined. This frame is packed full of features making it subtly unique and highly customizable.
Key features:
    • True X* top mount & mid-mount freestyle frame
    • 4mm modular arms
    • Chamfered carbon 
    • Triple strap top plate
    • Replaceable camera plate
    • Pressnut assembly
    • Gopro couch
    • Component mounting system
    • Battery and antenna pads
    • Landing pads
    • Full, mini, and micro cam mounts
    • Antenna tubes and mounts
    • 15mm (stack) and 10mm (AIO) build hardware  
Why 'CG'?
CG stands for Center of Gravity. This continues to be a key focus of Hyperlow design. Centralizing the mass of your quad through low profile builds is key for smoother, more predictable performance. The HYPERLOW CG continues this trend by offering variable top mount build heights to fit your choice of electronics, while also allowing for an invertible mid-mount build option AND modularity all in one!
With many other frame companies in 2017 following suit and dropping their build heights, Hyperlow frames continue to offer the lowest profile builds AND allows the use of full size FPV cameras. This year we are taking it up a notch with this redesign that also takes the guesswork out of building practices. 
Component Mounting
With the HYPERLOW CG you are no longer presented with an empty cavity and left to your own devices to figure out where and how to place your electronics.
The design of this frame was focused around the standardized FC mounting pattern. This layout exist down the full body of the frame and doubles as mounting points for the new forked arms, and as individual mounting areas for each electronic component. 
The FPV cam, receiver, flight controller, and VTX, all have their designated mounting positions along this horizontal layout. Thanks to the flared top plate leaving the rear clear from structural standoffs, you are also free to mix the RX, FC, and VTX order should you wish. 
Component mounting plates provide a platform for easy attachment areas which also offer carbon isolation, increased airflow, and force a much tidier build. Having the components raised from the bottom plate then offers the opportunity for cleanly routing wires underneath the horizontal stack, and also allows for convenient battery strap space in the mid-mount configuration.
Extras and Optionals 
Rounding off the kit are the various camera and antenna mounts, as well as battery, antenna, and landing pads for protection and isolation. Also included is a HYPERLOW GOPRO COUCH; ready to mount a Session, or provide overhead protection for a Runcam Split. 
Additionally available parts include:
    • Softmount arm guards
    • 6" arms (available soon)
    • *Stretched arms (available soon)
    • More 3D printed parts from BRAIN3D.CO (also soon:)
      Frame weight: 112 grams to 120 grams depending build height and mount selection.
      All up 5" weight (inc. props/gopro/battery): 570g - 600g
      5" M2M: 236mm true X
      Kit parts list:
      • 1 x 2mm top plate
      • 1 x 3mm bottom plate (pressnuts preinstalled)
      • 4 x 4mm arms
      • 1 x 3mm camera bumper
      FPV Camera Mounting
      • 1 x 20mm full size TPU camera mount set
      • 1 x micro cam TPU mount set
      Session Mount

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