Hyperlite UL5 Frame -5 Inch

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This is Pyrodrone's approach to the Ultralite scene with a unique design that provides best of both worlds
light weight and super durability. The frame is available in 3"- 4"- 5" variations.

The initial plan was to release this frame with a front mounted FPV camera
similar to our Floss 3 frames which is the reason we included the top plate.
However plans changed and we decided including Whoop style pod with the frame instead
(Top plate and stand offs still included for those who would like to thinker with a front mount cam)


  • Super rigid unibody plate thanks to the brace design and 4mm carbon fiber
  • Compatible with Whoop style boards or 20*20 Stacks (
  • Extended body design to accommodate a top plate or racing style canopies with  standoffs and turtle fin
  • Compatible with all current Whoop/Toothpick style podes
  • Slotted motor mounting compatible with 9*9mm - 12*12mm mounting base motors
  • Accepts up to 5.1" props 


  • Thickness: 4mm Carbon fiber unibody
  • Weight With Top Plate and Hardware: 30.5 Grams
  • Unibody Plate Weight: 25 Grams 
  • Dimensions: 190x190mm Diagonally True-X geometry


  • 1 x Hyperlite UL5 5mm Unibody Carbon Plate
  • 1 x Hyperlite UL5 2mm Carbon Top Plate
  • 4 x M2*20mm Light Blue Anodized Stand Off
  • 4 x M2*25mm Orange Anodized Stand Off
  • 1 x Hyperlite UL series Whoop Style pod
  • 8 x M2*8mm Screw
  • 5 x M2*20mm Screw
  • 5 x M2*25mm Screw
  • 5 x M2 anodized locknut
  • 1 x XT30 pigtail
  • 1 x 16V 100uF Capacitor

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