Hyperlite Freerange 5" Freestyle HD Digital BNF

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Want the best, but don't have time to build? Now is your chance to grab a BNF Hyperlite Freerange assembled by a pro racer using only top tier components!

This frame, the chosen components, and the pro builder's work are a culmination of years of trial and error. The main design follows the basic layout cues and engineering that have made Hyperlite frames one of the most widely used in the hobby, and the electronics used are some of the most trusted in the industry.

As with other popular Hyperlite models, this frame centers around a CNC machined aluminum plate; however, as an added bonus it serves more than the standard purpose of providing rigidness to the frame. In this case, the plate was specifically designed for use with the Caddx Vista VTX (which is known to run hot), using integrated cooling fins to keep the temps down! Analog VTX's will benefit from the same feature, of course.

The "Squashed X" geometry of the frame was chosen to help keep props out of the view of your GoPro / Insta360 footage while delivering a smooth flight. If you are ripping in a nearby park or using FPV as a cinematic tool, this frame is the lightweight yet sturdy choice for any 5'' pilot.

Build Components:

Fly free and stay cool in style with the Hyperlite Freerange!

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  • Compatible with 20*20 and 30*30 Stacks
  • Aluminum main plate with integrated cooling fins for VTX
  • Squashed X Geometry to keep props out of HD footage view
  • Includes TPU cam mount and Antenna mount (Tube style like Caddx)
  • Machined channels in the aluminum plate prevents arm wiggle
  • 5mm thick and 12mm wide durable arms
  • Threaded stack screw holes on the aluminum plate
  • Middle front standoff to provide rigidity to top plate
  • Includes Caddx Vista mounting M2 hardware
  • Weight: 108 grams without tpu accessories / 112-114g with tpu cam and antenna mount

Power Options:

  • Choose from three different motor KV options to best fit your flying style and plans for your Freerange BNF
  • 4S 2522kv - For a lighter AUW, with plans for more cruising than ripping, the 4S 2522kv is a great option. It will have plenty of power to really rip too!
  • 5S 2222kv - For the best of both worlds, the 5S 2222kv is an absolute diamond! This is Serge's personal favorite option. You can fly it on 5S for a nice balance of ripping or cruising; it does both phenomenally. However, if you're feeling the need for speed and absolute shredding of the skies, then plug in a 6S and watch this beast come alive! This option even opens up the ability to run a larger 4S for the ultimate in cruising, light freestyle, and flight time.
  • 6S 1722kv - For an efficient and powerful setup, the 6S 1722kv option cannot be beat. It comfortably carries a larger than 1300mah 6S pack for longer flight times, due to the bottom end torque of this kv range on 6S. 

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Hyperlite Freerange 5" Freestyle HD Digital BNF