HIFIONRC F405Mini FC & 35A 20x20 Stack/Combo

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F4 Stack supporting 35A, and 20x20 mounting pattern!

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F4 Flight Controller:

  • Processor: STM32F405RGT6
  • Gyroscope: MPU6000
  • OSD: Betaflight SPI OSD
  • Serial port: UART 1/2/3/6
  • BEC:5V/3A, 9V/3A Dual BEC
  • Black box: 8MB
  • Use firmware: Betaflight F405
  • Receiver: Supports Sbus, CRSF, IBUS, Spektrum 1024/2048, Sbus, XBUS, SumD and SumH RX built-in reverers, supports 3.3V Spektrum satellite receiver, supports PPM receiver
  • Buzzer interface
  • Support for programming
  • BLheli Suite: Supported
  • Current Meter: Yes


  • 4in1 35A ESC
  • Input Voltage: 3-6S LiPo


  • 1x HIFIONRC F405Mini FC & 35A 20x20 Stack/Combo

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