FLYWOO ROBO Motor RB 22.5-6.5 1750KV / 2450KV

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A new contender in the low budget or "E" class motors from Flywoo.
Going half size over on the stator height of the motor has been the latest hype lately but Flywoo took it to a whole new level by going half size over with the width of the stator as well!
Dont let the number confuse you.
22.5 is the stator diameter.
6.5 is the height of the stator.

This motor features a hollow M5 steel shaft, 16*16mm mounting base, anti slip prop resting surface and sits at just 27.9 Grams with short wires.

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Stator diameter: 22.5 mm
Stator height: 6.5 mm
Kv: 1750/2450
Wire Length: 160 mm
Shaft size: M5
Mounting Screw Pattern: 16×16 mm
Input Voltage: 2-6S
Weignt:27.9g(not include wire)

1x FLYWOO ROBO Motor 22.5-6.5 1750/2450
1x M5 Propeller Nut
4x M3 Mounting Screw