FETTEC KISS F7 FC V1.2 20x20mm-30x30mm

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Version1.2 Fettec F7 FC 30x30 and 20x20 KISS Firmware Flight Controller

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  • Processor F7 [DShot 2400, Oneshot, Onewire]
  • Intended space for RX and VTX
  • Build-in real pit mode for unify nano
  • Separate onboard 5V BEC for VTX
  • 4 signal and gnd pads, so accessible at every corner
  • 8 pin connector for solderless FETtec ESC connection


  • Input Voltage: 2-6S
  • Gyro: MPU6000
  • Processor: STM32F7RET6 @ 216MHz
  • Firmware: KISS
  • BEC: 2x 5V BEC's (1x VTX with realpit, 1x all others) both max 600mA
  • Dimensions


  • 35x30mm outside dimension, without corners 30x30
  • 20x20mm hole spacing (with breakable holes from M2 to M3)
  • and 30x30mm hole spacing usable (breakable corners for 30x30mm)

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  • 1x FETtec KISS F7 30x30 Flight Controller

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