Fat Cable Two WITH SWITCH- Regulated Fat Cable with JST-XH Fan Connector (XT60)

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The all time popular Fat Cable two now has a pushbutton switch installed just below the "Y" allows you to switch the cable on/off at the push of a button.  This eliminates the need to plug/unplug the battery or the barrel connector from the goggles, greatly reducing the chances of connector failure due to high number of mating cycles. 

Input: 9.5V DC to 26V DC (3S to 6S XT60)

Output: Regulated 8V DC 2A

This is the new Fat Cable Two!  The Fat Cable Two has two outputs, the primary to power the goggles and a secondary output (JST-XH balance lead) to power the fan on Dominator goggles.

Never worry about charging your 2 Cell battery for your goggles again.  With the regulated fat cable, use any 3S to 6S battery to power your goggles.  Input range is 9.5V DC to 26V DC, output is regulated 8V DC.  Rated for up to 2 Amps.

Separate JST-XH balance lead powers the fan on your Dominator goggles from the same 8V regulated output.

Input connector is XT60.  Overall length is 45 inches, long enough to comfortably run from your pocket to your goggles.  This cable works with all Fat Shark® video goggles.


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