Flywoo Explorer LR 4 V2 HD Micro Long Range FPV Ultralight Quad BNF w/ Vista Nebula Pro F745 BGA FC GPS V2.0

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Explorer LR quad is the masterpiece of the collaboration between Flywoo and #micro long range original creator Dave_C . #Micro long range is a brand new field, and we will explore more fun in this field with Dave_C in the future.

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    • The V2 version features a powerful F745 flight controller packed with features including a barometer, blackbox, 7 complete hardware serial ports, I2C functionality and WS2812 LEDs on each corner.
    • Built-in Bluetooth module, You can use mobile devices to set the parameters of the flight
    • The lightweight 4-inch quad below 250g even if you connect with the battery, meet the current requested of FAA rules. Easy to control and long flight time, we strongly recommend to FPV beginners and pilots who like to cruise!
    • Built-in Smo 4k camera power cable 
    • Upgrade GPS to V2.0, use copper foil to effectively prevent the signal from being interfered by Vista

    Package Includes:

    • 1 * Prebuilt and tested Explorer LR Drone 
    • 1 * Side carbon plate 1 set
    • 1 * Spare screw
    • 2 * Gemfan 4024 4pcs

    Main Changelog V2:

    1. Changed camera to Caddx Nebula Pro
    2. Equipped with Goku Hex F745 16x16 stack
    3. GPS upgraded to V2.0 Faster and more stable
    4. Built-in SMO 4K Camera power cable
    5. Built-in BT-Nano 

    Message from Dave_C FPV:

    For me personally, Long Range cruising through epic landscapes is the best thing about FPV! But unfortunately, it was always kind of difficult to practice legally and without bothering people with all the noise a massive 6 or 7" long range quad produces.

    So the basic idea behind the original Project #MicroLongRange was born: Scale down a 7" long range quad until it is below 250g take off weight. With the support of an awesome community on Facebook and Instagram as well as a massive development effort by Flywoo, this concept has seen a lot of improvements that are now all implemented in the Explorer LR!

    This tiny quad is equipped with GPS, Crossfire and an independent model finder to give you the necessary confidence to push it to the maximum range of digital and analogue video transmission. The powertrain with it's GOKU 16x16 stack and the all new 2700kV 1404 motors spinning 4" props is optimized for maximum efficiency and low weight: Flight times of way over ten minutes on a regular 850mah 4S LiPo battery are easily achievable! Cruising speeds of 40-50 kph (25-30mph) are astonishingly high for such a small quad and have allowed me to do 10km (6 mile) round trips easily. And the best thing about it: It's incredibly quiet! You will barely be able to hear it flying by as soon as you are a few dozen meters away. ”

     ----- Dave_C FPV 

      Super Non-slip Upgrade

      High Quality sticky battery pad for your LiPo Batteries. This durable battery pads made from PU material can stick to a battery at 90° on its side and even rotate 180° without falling!
      How to Work Flywoo Finder v1.0?
        1. Flywoo Finder v1.0 can power itself to beep and LED light to flash even the quad battery has been ejected.
        2. Fingder v1.0 can work for 4-5 hours.
        3. Press the button for 3 seconds to close it

        How to Work Flywoo Goku GPS Mini V2.0  Rescue Function? 

        1. Before disarm, GPS must search for more than 5 satellites to lock the home position.
        2. After disarming, observe the OSD data during the flight, and the rescue function can work normally only if the distance exceeds 100 m. Otherwise, the quad will crash.
        3. If the remote control suddenly loses signal, the GPS rescue function will work automatically and return to the home position. (Set the AUX of GPS rescue mode in betaflight Failsafe, the default is AUX3 2000)