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  • "The DroneKeeper mini2 is a “4th Generation stand-alone operational sound generator” drone position tracker with built-in motion sensor designed to be used with the exchangeable battery."
  • The exchangeable battery maximizes convenience for the user and is smarter,  has longer battery run-time than DroneKeepers, our previous model.
  • It is a very useful product that prevents losing your precious drones.
  • The most obvious way to find a drone in a bush is by sound.
  • Possible to recognize the beep sound in a noisy downtown area within a 50~60meter(164~197feet) radius
  • "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."


  • As a stand-alone buzzer, it can be used for any forms of drones regardless of the type of battery for main power supply of drones.
  • 2 types of mode are supported. (Wireless and Wired)
  • The movement of the drone is determined by a motion sensor. No connection with the drone is needed.
  • Easy to use - it operates immediately with the power on.
  • 2 types of missing alarm depending on the battery voltage.
  • The battery can be replaced by user easily.
  • Depending on your needs, user can change the settings for motion sensor and power-on timer.
  • A power-on timer function is built-in to prevent the missing alarm sound from not going off due to certain conditions, e.g. continuous movement of the drone because of strong winds.
  • Automatic battery charging .
  • Battery inverse voltage, Overdischarge and Short protection circuits are built-in.
  • Battery low-voltage alarm and Over voltage warning alarm are embedded.
  • Power switch off detection alarm is embedded.
  • Battery status LED is embedded.


 Input Voltage
DC 5.0V ~ 9.0V via micro USB connector for external power (Receiver or BEC)
Rechargeable 3.6V/3.7V Li-Ion coin cell for internal battery
 Power consumption
Standby: max 20mW, Operation: max 256mW
 Battery run-time
~ consecutive 3 hours @when the missing alarm rings 

~ consecutive 20 hours @when the missing alarm doesn't go off 
 R/C receiver reference signal pulse width
PWM center 1,500us [1.5ms], compatible with most of the receivers
 Sound pressure level
min 90dB @10cm 
Operating temperature
-10°C ~ 50°C 
L35mm x W15mm x H12mm
4.4g  without battery

 ? Actual battery run-time may vary greatly depending on the ambient temperature and the manufacturer.

 ? Rechargeable 3.6V coin cell was measured by ZM. 

Included in the Box  

DroneKeeper mini2  x1  (? Battery is not included) Receiver Gender for DKM2  x1

Product Views

Battery Usage

  • Before inserting the battery, make sure to check the battery voltage status.
  • Apply heat to a shrinkable tube after inserting the battery using a heat gun or hair dryer in order not to detach from coin cell holder.
  • If the battery voltage is under 2.5V, the product will neither work nor charge the battery.
  • The battery is compatible with a 3.6V Li-ion LIR1254, LIR1255 and CP1254 coin cell only for charging.
  • If the battery low-voltage alarm rings during power-on or operation, the battery needs charging.
  • Do not reverse polarity. This product comes with electrical inverse voltage protection, but please note that, the physical shortage of battery is not protected. In this case, the battery will be damaged.
  • After it is fully discharged, the product cannot work or charge the battery instantly because of the battery protection circuit. In this case, it is possible to use it again after neglecting it for 30~60 minutes.
  • Do not use a fully discharged battery (under 2.5V) after charging it by force. It might explode.


? Available Li-ion Coin Cell Battery Chart

Item No.






Size Dia*H




LIR1254, LIR1255, CP1254

Rechargeable Li-ion

3.6, 3.7

50, 60

12.0 x 5.4(5.5)


Power Supply

Insert the battery   Turn on the power

Status Alarm Sounds and LEDs

       ? Power-on alarm:

    (1) Mode type è (2) Motion sensor timer setting value è (3) Power-on timer setting value in order    

    (1) Mode type:

  • Wireless mode with motion sensor or power loss: beep rings once, Mode LED blinks every 2 seconds
  • Wired mode with PWM signal of receiver or power loss: two consecutive beeps, two consecutive blinks of Mode LED every 2 seconds

    (2) Motion sensor timer setting value:

  • 30 seconds: one beep (Initial value)
  • 1 minute: two consecutive beeps
  • 3 minutes: three consecutive beeps
  • 5 minutes: four consecutive beeps
  • 8 minutes: five consecutive beeps

    (3) Power-on timer setting value:

  • 20 minutes: one beep (initial value)
  • 40 minutes: two consecutive beeps
  • 60 minutes :three consecutive beeps

Mode 3 Colors LED:

  • Green Color: Battery level High
  • Yellow Color: Battery level Medium
  • Red Color: Battery level Low (needs charging)

Motion Blue LED:

  • Motion Detection: Blue LED blinks every 2 seconds
  • No Motion: Blue LED off

 Charging Orange LED:

  • Charging: Orange LED on
  • Not charging or charging completed: Orange LED off

Battery low-voltage alarm:

  • Beeps every 2 seconds.

Power switch off detection alarm:

  • Three rapid consecutive beeps. (?when the external power is connected via micro USB connector)

Over voltage detection alarm:

  • Rapid consecutive beeps.

Operation and Usage Explanation

[Wireless mode]

  • Connect the battery for main power supply of drones and then turn the power on for the product. (If the product is connected to an external power source like BEC, user will hear the power switch off detection alarm when the battery of drone is connected) 
  • User will hear a power-on alarm.
  • If there is no motion for a certain period of time (motion sensor timer setting value) or the battery of the drone is detached after the power is turned on, a missing alarm will automatically ring.
  • If there is continuous movement of the product, the missing alarm will ring, regardless of the operating motion after the time is set for the power-on timer. The power-on timer automatically generates the tone of the missing alarm after the power is turned on. You may need to set the power-on timer appropriately according to the flight time if needed.
  • After use, turn the power off.

[Wired mode]

  • Connect a receiver gender together with a male to male servo lead between the product and receiver.
  • Assign the corresponding channel to user transmitter, allowing it to control the missing alarm on and off manually. (Recommended channel setting of transmitter: End Point: +/-100%, Sub Trim: Center)
  • Connect the battery for main power supply of drones and then turn the power on for the product. (User will hear the power switch off detection alarm when the battery of drone is connected) 
  • User will hear a power-on alarm.
  • If the battery of drones is detached or the PWM signal is lost after the power is turned on, a missing alarm will automatically ring. (or the missing alarm can manually make a sound by transmitter)
  • After use, turn the power off.

Change User Mode and Timer Setting Values

  • User timer settings are supported only for Wireless mode.
  • Provision of the receiver gender is required to change the motion sensor timer and power-on timer settings.
  • Plug the receiver gender into the micro USB connector of the product. 
  • Turn the power on.
  • To change the modes, tap on the mode pad using '-' black pin. (Repeat Step 2)
  • To change the motion sensor timer settings, tap on the timer pad shortly. (Repeat Step 5)
  • To change the power-on timer settings, tap on the timer pad for about 2 seconds.

Mode LED color will be changed to RED and you will hear the current power-on timer value beep sound.

In this state, tap on the timer pad. (Repeat Step 3)

After choosing the setting values, turn the power off and then turn on the power again.

You can hear the current set value during power-on.


  • The photos are designed to help you understand the installation process. Proper installation in accordance with user device is needed.
  • Install the product in a safe place where no direct impact is applied for protection.
  • Do not tie the product too tightly. It will make things worse.
  • Product contains mechanical parts which are weak to impact such as buzzer, switch and battery.

Therefore, it is very important that the installation is done so that the direct impact of these parts do not be applied when drone falls. 

? Specifications and prices are subject to changes without notice (for product improvement or future release).




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