BETAFPV 0603 19000KV Brushless Motors (4pcs)

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The lightest 1.8g BETAFPV brushless motors are here with a stator size of 0603 and KV of 19000. Excellent for Beta65 Pro Whoop Quad!

Parts Updated

  • The cables are unified in black color, no need to distinguish between CW and CCW motors.
  • Lead wire soldered to the PCB, which allows you to repair it easier once disconnection.

0603 Model Wire Color Version Welding
16000KV Yellow & Red & Black Upgraded  Bottom ring and shaft are welded together
19000KV Black(CW&CCW) Latest  E-clip

Recommended Parts

  • Propellers: 31mm Propellers
  • Batteries: 300mAh 1S 30C Battery
  • Frame: Beta65 Pro frame
  • Drone: Beta65 Pro Whoop Quad

Really not recommend the 0703 motors with a 65mm frame ( like Beta65 Pro frame or BWhoop B06 etc). Why? The combo of 0703 motors and 31mm props (for 65mm frame) has really low efficiency. Really not power enough. For the 65mm 1S brushless drone, high recommend these 0603 motors.

Here is the testing result of different motors and frames combo.

  • Throttle value means the position when the drone hovers in the air.
  • Flying time is the time from OSD voltage value 4.3V->2.8V.
  • All tested with 4-blades props. 31mm props or 40mm props.
  • All throttle values are tested on full charged 550mAh batteries.
  • The KV value of 0703/0603 motors is both 15000KV.


  • Plug:Micro JST-1.25 3-pins connector
  • Dimension: 9*9*15.4mm
  • Weight: 1.8g ( with connector)
  • Shaft: φ1.0mm
  • KV (rpm/V): 16000KV / 19000KV
  • Voltage: 3.7V
  • Battery: 1S lipo battery (2S is not recommended)
  • Load Current: 1.8-3.8A
  • Pull: 23-40g
  • Power: 6.7-28W
  • Efficient: 3.4-1.4g/W
  • Usage: for 1S brushless multirotor like Beta65 Pro or BWhoop B06 etc


  • 4 x BETAFPV 0603 19000KV Brushless Motors
  • 1 x Set of M1.4*3 screws (Fit for Beta65 Pro and Beta75 Pro frame)

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