Aikon F42020 Flight Controller

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The Aikon flight controller is a new generation flight controller designed specifically to work with the Aikon AK32PIN 4-in-1s. We've packed all the greatest features into one seamless flight experience.
What makes the Aikon F42020 amazing?
32khz capable
168mhz F4 processor
Hardware UARTS:
UART1 for SerialRX
UART4 for ESC telemetry
UART2 available for CRSF or general use
Software serial:
SOFTSERIAL1 for VTX control
Onboard OSD and Blackbox
LED outputs
Conveniently located ESC signal ground and telemetry pads
Quick connection cable for 4-in-1 ESCs, works out of the box with the Aikon AK32PIN 4-in-1s
On-board voltage regulator up to 6S
Package includes:
1 x Aikon F42020 Flight Controller
4 x Anti vibration mounting grommets
1 x 8 pin JST harness to connect with Aikon AK32PIN 4in1 ESC
1 x 8 pin JST harness with open end wires 

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