AIKON 20*20 F4 AK32 Stack Combo

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  • With no heatsink!

WARNING: The Version 2 of the ESC has a different pinout from the Version 1. Please double check the wiring and make sure it is wired correctly before powering up!

We picked this 4in1 and Flight controller that were designed to work together like a charm and made it available as a combo for you with 10% savings over buying them individually.

Aikon F42020 FC Specs:

The Aikon flight controller is a new generation flight controller designed specifically to work with the Aikon AK32PIN 4-in-1s. We've packed all the greatest features into one seamless flight experience.

What makes the Aikon F42020 amazing?
  • 32khz capable
  • 168mhz F4 processor
  • Hardware UARTS:
  • UART1 for SerialRX
  • UART3 for S.PORT
  • UART4 for ESC telemetry
  • UART2 available for CRSF or general use
  • Software serial:
  • SOFTSERIAL1 for VTX control
  • Onboard OSD and Blackbox
  • LED outputs
  • Conveniently located ESC signal ground and telemetry pads
  • Quick connection cable for 4-in-1 ESCs, works out of the box with the Aikon AK32PIN 4-in-1s
  • On-board voltage regulator up to 6S
Package includes:
  • 1 x Aikon F42020 Flight Controller
  • 4 x Anti vibration mounting grommets
  • 1 x 8 pin JST harness to connect with Aikon AK32PIN 4in1 ESC
  • 1 x 8 pin JST harness with open end wires 

Battery 2-6s
Mount Hole2 20*20mm
Firmware Betaflight AIKONF4 Target
IMU ICM-20602
Blackbox SPI 16MB
Weight 7g

Aikon AK32PIN ESC Specs:
  • The Aikon AK32 4-in-1 35A 6S is a new generation ESC that uses a variety of bleeding edge technologies in hardware and firmware.
  • What makes the AK32 worth your investment?
  • BLHeli_32 code base
  • Programmable PWM frequency of up to 48KHz
  • Auto-timing for higher efficiency and reliability
  • Analog Voltage/Current sensing
  • Adjustable “Brake on Stop” force
  • Improve direction change in Bidirectional mode
  • One current sensor to measure the total amp draw and telemetry functions.
  • ESC Telemetry (Voltage and RPMs and current)
  • Configuring from FC using DShot commands
  • Programmable sine modulation mode
  • Programmable soft bidirectional mode
  • Programmable autonomous periodic (every 32ms) telemetry mode
  • Hardware noise filter on the signal input

Battery 2-6s
Constant Current 35A
Burst Current 45A
Mount Hole 20*20mm
Firmware BLHeli32
Bootloader Yes
Weight( with/wire) 10g
Signal wire length 100mm
Battery wire length 100mm

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