StanFPV Cine-Bird FPV Frame Kit - MAX Edition w/ INVISIBLE DRONE Feature (for GoPro MAX 360 camera)

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Meet the CINE-BIRD Cinematic FPV Drone Frame Kit by Stan FPV!

We also offer the DJI Air Unit Adapter and the Prop Guards!

"Fly like a BIRD!" has been my slogan from the beginning and now that is more literal than ever!

The bird is such a special creature that gets to experience some of the most amazing flights on a daily basis! What they have, WE WANT! Now get as close to that feeling as ever before for yourself with the all new "Stan FPV Cine-Bird Drone Frame!"


Being my first official drone frame release I've put a ton of pride into this project. I've worked very hard to make it something that actually matters in a crowded sea of carbon. Being a custom drone designer/builder I've handled and built drones with the very best frames in the entire industry and I guarantee you this frame is top shelf in terms of quality, functionality, and performance!




  • Innovative, versatile and functional design focused on Cinematic Drone Flight
  • 3" and 4" prop acceptability with no drone in view! (with proper "thin" components)
  • New SUPER-WIDE-X motor layout for SUPER stable cinematic flight
  • Multiple battery mounting positions for different uses of CG
  • New optional and removable high strength CARBON FIBER guards available!
  • The drone completely DISAPPEARS from your 360 footage!!
  • One frame, TONS of mounts! This frame was designed for ultimate versatility!
  • Future-Proof EXTRA mounting holes for limitless possibilities. Tons more mounting options and accessories coming to add even more versatility to your Cine-Bird frame!

* DJI HD FPV works using the air unit at this time. A "Vista" version is coming as well.


  • Weight: 59g 

Recommended Parts (Not Included)

  • BetaFPV 20A Toothpick AIO Board
  • BetaFPV 1505 3600kv T-Mount Motors
  • HQ 75mm T-Mount(2 Little Bolts) Prop (3x2.5x3)
  • XM+ (FrSky) or Crossfire Nano Rx (Crossfire)
  • TBS Pro32 Nano Vtx
  • Foxeer/Caddx/Runcam FPV Cam
  • (Nano 14x14 for Invisible Mounts, Micro 19x19 for Standard Mount)
  • 1000mah 3s Lipo for invisible set-up and almost any lipo with the standard set-up.

Note: Electronics and other essentials are NOT included in this frame kit (camera, FC, ESC, motor, props, etc.)


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