Namimno ELRS 2.4G Flash nano RX

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FLASH_RX is based on the open-sourced EXPRESS LRS project. The hardware has been optimized and designed for real-world environments giving it a compact size and stable performance. Conveniently upgradable via WIFI.
The Express LRS firmware allows for low latency and high refresh rates. Built-in telemetry functionality sends aircraft parameters in real-time.
Matched with an optimized antenna and enjoy increased distance and telemetry.

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  • Brand: NamimnoRC
  • Model: FLASH_RX
  • Wireless frequency: 2400-2480MHz
  • Transmitting power: <12.5dBm
  • Remote control distance: >3000m
  • Remote control refresh rate: 25Hz-500Hz
  • RF interface: IPEX generation
  • Power supply: 4.5-10V
  • Size: 18.35*11.5*3.5mm

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Namimno ELRS 2.4G Flash nano RX