Diatone Roma SMO 4K Injection Molded Camera Mount

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The injection molded parts are sturdy and resistant to breaking, and the angle is adjustable. Black TPU for SMO 4K is protective, durable and has angle adjustment

For Models: Mx-C3 Taycan/C25/ROMA F5/ROMAL4/L3

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  • Universal adjustable mount
  • Material: injection molded parts
  • Color: Mamba Grey

Package Includes:

  • Disassemble dog protective cover*1
  • M2×10 hexagon socket screw*2
  • M3 hexagon nut*2
  • Universal fixed base*1
  • Fixed base*1
  • M5 self-locking nut*1
  • M5×20mm hexagon socket screw*1
  • L-shaped H3 Allen key*1
  • M2×5 hexagon socket screw*3
  • M2×6 countersunk Phillips screw*3
  • M2×7 Allen screws *3
  • M2×8 hexagon socket screw*5

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