Pyrodrone F4OSD-Hobby Wing G2 Stack Combo

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Version 2.2 Update:Attention! you have to update your FW 3.5.5 or up for the VTX pit mode.The Pyrodrone F4 OSD has a new feature!VTX Pit mode compatibilty.Now there are sellector pads for your VTX voltage input!5V and VBAT.First please jump...

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Version 2.2 Update:
Attention! you have to update your FW 3.5.5 or up for the VTX pit mode.
The Pyrodrone F4 OSD has a new feature!
VTX Pit mode compatibilty.

Now there are sellector pads for your VTX voltage input!
5V and VBAT.
First please jump the correct side pads according to the VTX you are using. 

And then jump the two pads on the "PIT" side ( If this feature is not needed then just jump the pads of the "ON" side and your VTX will always be on)
After you jump the PIT pads connect to Betaflight and go to CLI page , type in the following commands:

resource PINIO 1 A15
set pinio_box = 39,0,0,0
type "save" and then hit enter.

Wait for the FC to reboot, then go to the "MODES" tab in Betaflight and set VTX PIT MODE to an AUX channel you prefer

Done! :-)

The stack that placing TEAM USA on the podiums for the 2018 DCL season!
After testing this stack under some brutal conditions, running 2207-2722 motors pulling continuous 150-170 AMPS for more than couple seconds on every lap on a super hot day with over 100F weather, we knew it was time to make it available to the racers worldwide in a combo package.
F4 OSD Specs:
HyperLite F4 OSD
One of the most popular FC’s is back and better than ever, combining an industry favorite layout with new feature sets for freestyle, long range, and racers. Finally, a board for every pilot!  
The new Hyperlite F4 OSD takes the same celebrated ‘flat-bottomed’ layout (crucial for clean and tight builds) and adds a much appreciated OSD and SIX UART ports (more than any other board on the market!) for GPS, RX, SmartAudio, and even Camera Control.  
And with more features, comes improved ease of use with a built in 4-in-1 ESC socket and included harnesses for HobbyWing, Airbot, and Spedix 4in1 ESCs. The built in solder pads mirror the 4in1 pad layout, so you can easily connect ANY ESC to this board to get features like current sensing and ESC telemetry (for the BL32 guys). 
PLEASE NOTE: The Hyperlite F4 OSD uses it’s own BF target .bin, “PYRODRONEF4”. 
Tech Specifications:
MPU6000 Gyro
STM32F405 CPUE @ 168mhz, can be overclocked
2-6S direct battery input 
3.3V 100ma, 5V 1.2A BEC
5V Camera Power
Built in configurable Betaflight OSD
Flat bottom PCB for SUPER CLEAN builds
36x36 PCB with 30.5x30.5 mounting holes
          UART2 (FREE),
                  UART3 (INVERTED TELEMETRY),
                  UART4 (Free),
                  UART5 (Smart Audio)
                  UART4 (Free)
Built in 4 IN 1 ESC socket(including ESC telemetry, External current sensor)
Plug and plug with the most popular 4-in-1 ESCs (HobbyWing, Airbot, Spedix, Aikon),with supplied cables
Built in solder pads mirror of the 4-in-1 ESC socket
Printed layout instructions ON the board - no need for instructions!
HobbyWing 45Amp G2 Specs:

XRotor ESC - 4in1 series

45A BLheli32 Dshot1200 40A BLHeliS DShot600 12A  FPV
MAP $65.99 $59.99 $32.99
30902090 30901076 30901041
BLHeli32 DShot1200 BLHeli-S DShot600 HW Special Program for FPVs
Application FPVs with 130-200mm
Diagonal Wheelbase
FPVs with 130-280mm
Diagonal Wheelbase
FPVs with 150=mm
Diagonal Wheelbase
LiPo Power input 3-6S Lipo 2-5S Lipo 1-4S LiPo
45Ax4 40Ax4 12A×4
Burst Current 60Ax4 50Ax4 18A×4
BEC Output 5V@1.5A / 10V@1.5A 5V & 1.5A 5V,1A
Input wires 12AWG-130mm 14AWG-130mm 18AWG-100mm (Red/Black)
Output Wire No wires but solder tabs No wires but solder tabs

No wires but solder tabs

XT60 (w/ Wires Soldered on) /no XT60 (w/ Wires Soldered on) no 
Weight / Size 11.5g / 32.7x18.4x6.2mm 10g / 42.6x36x4mm 8g / 38.1x37.9x5.3mm

* Note: All the wire length above is the original length, not the length you see from the outside.


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