FuriousFPV - Smart Power Case for DJI Goggles

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The popular FuriousFPV Smart Power Case is now available for the DJI HD Goggles.
The DJI version features a longer cable to allow mounting the battery on the back of the head with the included straps.
Also includes a longer external cable if the user prefers keeping the battery in his/her pocket.

Remember to pickup these 18650 batteries for this smart power case!

Smart ON/OFF power button
Oled Display with call sign, time warning, current, voltage, used capacity and temerature
Battery charge percentage display
Configurable Low Voltage/Overload warning buzzer
Short Circuit Protection
Auto Power OFF to protect batteries from over-discharge damage
Rapidly Attach/Detach to module with magnetic system
Quick release system for DOCK-KING & Tripod
Easily open/close battery door
Designed for 18650 batteries (Battery not included)
Fits perfectly on Fatshark Strap
Designed to work with all types of goggles

Package includes:
1 x FuriousFPV - Smart Power Case for DJI Goggles
1 x Extension Cable
2 x Battery Strap


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