The Phat - 5" Racing Frame

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“I’ve always been picky when it comes to my gear and after an incredible year of competing all around the world,
I am finally ready to release my own race frame that fulfills everything I want. By teaming up with my friend and competitor, Cory “Mewo” Ibanez,
we have managed to create a racing frame that is lighter, more durable, and better flying than anything else on the market.”

         - Soren “PhatKid” Monroe-Anderson

 All Spare parts can be found HERE.


- 55 grams assembled / 60 grams with camera mount and battery pad

- All countersunk steel screws

- Custom, die cut rubber battery pad

- Protective nano camera mount (adjustable 35-65 degrees)

- Innovative arm locking design using milled carbon and our “spine” piece

- Dedicated receiver and antenna mounting

- Dedicated battery strap slot (no more running straps under the esc)

- Arms ends designed for preloading/launching

- All 3D Printed parts including micro cam mounts, fins, etc. can be found at



- 4x Carbon Arms 

- 1x Top Plate

- 1x Mid Plate

- 1x Bottom Plate

- 1x Spine Piece 

- 1x 35-65 degree NANO camera mount

- 9x 6mm countersunk steel screws

- 7x 11mm countersunk steel screws 

- 4x 25mm aluminum standoffs 

- 1x Die cut battery pad 

- 2x Custom battery straps


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