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With the release of the HQ T5x3x2 lightweight t-mount props and the need of a true lightweight 5" frame in the industry,  Racer X FPV continues to innovate and has designed the ET5 "Extraterrestrial TWIG 5".  The ET5 is a mutated TWIG frame that can accommodate 5" props.  The frame is premium 3.5mm thick high grade T700 carbon cut along the weave and chamfered on both sides interior and exterior edges at .8mm.  The frame measures approximately 200mm from motor post to motor post.  Motor mounting is for 4-hole 9x9 or 12x12 motor mounts.  You do not have to use t-mount motors as there are also a lot of 5mm shaft motors from 15xx to 16xx that are great choices as well as lots of 5mm 5" shaft props to choose from on the market.  We highly recommend keeping your motors under 18 grams since this is a lightweight frame.  With our strong signature cross bar design, we were able to design a super lightweight 5" frame at only 3.5mm, yet super durable and stiff to allow it to track like all our amazing frames do.  The ET5 can accommodate a standard 20x20 stack or a whoop toothpick aio. 

The ET5 uses the same canopy we sell with the TWIG XL & MUTANT 4 kits, so they can be interchangeable on any of these frame designs.  The canopy has 5 to 55 degrees of angle adjustment for any 19x19 micro camera.   A 14x14 Nano camera can be also used with a micro camera adapter (not included).  The standard canopy has also been designed so that the HappyModel Diamond DVR/VTX or NamelessRC VTX/DVR can be used with it and you can access the SD card and buttons with the way we designed this canopy. You do not have to use a Diamond/VTX or NamelessRC VTX/DVR as any vtx will work with room to mount on top of the aio or 20x20 stack. 

The kit comes with all the required mounting hardware if you were to want to use a Diamond VTX or NamelessRC DVR/VTX as well two different size M3 standoffs (M3x6mm & M3x8mm) depending on how tall you build your stack or if you use a 20x20 stack.


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